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About us

About us

SHIV SHIVA 'SNEH' SANSTHA is registered as a non-profit organization under the Society Registration Act 21, 1860, having its registration number 1284/2002-03. It is independent of party or political affiliation and offers a focus for dialogue between different views. It works towards influencing public policy, improving governance local national & international level and providing enlarged opportunities to the under privileged. In prompting human development in its diverse aspects, the society gives particular attention to supporting diversity.It combines the innovation of academia, the motivation of the private sector, the social objective of voluntary organization, the reach of government and participation of people.

Vision :

SHIV SHIVA 'SNEH' SANSTHA believes that development a dynamics process that transforms the relation among nature, machine and institution for the sustained benefit of people. Our activity covers broadly cover the true primary areas that underlie any form of sustainable development process.The design the large scale dissemination of appropriate technologies, rational environment management systems and effective people oriented constitutions and policies. We believe that sustainable development benefit not only the economy, but also the environment and above all the people.It is good not only for protecting nature and the rights of future generations. It is essential for the well being of all, right have and now. SHIV SHIVA 'SNEH' SANSTHA is, therefore, dedicated to bringing about a better balance among the basic prerequisites of sustainable development economic efficiency.

Mission :

SHIV SHIVA 'SNEH' SANSTHA has fund that key to achieve the creation on sustainable livelihood in large numbers. Sustainable livelihood are jobs and self employment opportunities that provide a decent income and give meaning and dignity to life produce goods and services for local market, do not destroy the environment or the assumed resources bases, They are particularly effectively bringing the poor and downtrodden the women and marginalized , into the national mainstream. We are well aware that sustainable development cannot be achieved ad long on we continue to have being diodes of society the charms between the rich and the poor, between the Government & the people and between those who know and those who don't know and power are two sides of the same con. The monopoly of knowledge by the few means a total cantor of the national wealth in the hands of a few terms of mot only its productive resources but also in the power to decide who gets what. This is particular true in the field of service, technology & research. Which have become the means to perpetuate monopoly over knowledge by those who already have it.

Main objectives of the organization :

To work on economic and social problems of the poor and under privileged, particularly women, by organizing them into community based groups.To empower Women and build capacity by providing information and knowledge regarding local self-governance.To mobilize women through training , networking and by providing institutional support to contest elections and bring about gender equity in local self-governance.To provide education in tribal and other marginalized sections through formal and innovative non-formal programms.To increase awareness on environmental issues and to work for environment conservation, solid waste management, climate controls.To establish a culture of humanism through promotion of social justice and to secure entailments for deprives sections of society through public interest litigation and advocacy.To aware the people about their consumer rights.To establish income generate programme .

Strategic direction of the organization
(a) Achieve active community participation in the programm planning and executionAs the genuine community participation at all stages of projects (designing , planning , implementing , monitoring & evaluation) is essential for developing the capacity of the disadvantaged. Thereof, the organization ensures active and process-oriented approach is followed.
(b) Effective partnershipsWith an objective of developing mutually beneficial coordination for achieving desired sustainable development at the community levels, a shared understanding is developed among the people involves. The true convergence should include our relations with Government counterparts, corporate sectors and other grass root level organization. All these relation ship should be constantly evaluated in terms of cost and results achieved.

(c) Sustainable development approach :SHIV SHIVA 'SNEH' SANSTHA programs aim to see the long term development of the project section of the community and are succeeding in this regard with varying degrees. The organization is developing more effective mechanism to institutionalize participatory monitoring & evaluation structure and system to demonstrate their impact.NetworkingThe organization has developed strong networking with various voluntary organization working in through out the state and also established very good rapport with various Government and other departments/ agencies. It has got adequate technical and managerial strength to provide guidance and give technical assistance to these voluntary organizations.


1. We have been providing basic education to poor children. 2. Organized education awareness camps in particular selected community and emphasis to enrolment in to mainstream. 3. We have created such environment where now children are come constantly in their classes. Women come to share their problems and to make the ready to fight from social evils. 4. Organize the Advocacy meetings for people of Eastern Uttar Pradesh. In these meetings concern Aanganwari Workers / Helpers, PRIs, Government Officers, Government Health Department Media Person are extremely given his / her Speech and Folk to concern Subject. Periodical evaluation to ensure successful implementation.

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